1.1       Introduction:

The National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders-Uganda (NCHRD-U) is a registered membership network organization that brings together about 160 individual members and organization what work towards the promotion and realization of human rights in the country.it was established in 2013 and works in all regions of Uganda and embraces all defenders regardless of color, race, gender, religion and political affiliation. It derives its legitimacy from Article 38 of the Constitution that states that:

Every Ugandan has the right to participate in the affairs of government, individually or through his or her representatives in accordance with the law. It further states that every Ugandan has a right to participate in peaceful activities to influence the policies of Government through civic organizations.

The Vision of NCHRD-U is a society that upholds the rights and freedoms of every human rights defender while its mission to protect and promote the work of HRDs in a safe and secure environment through linkages with national, regional, and international like-minded entities

Its Core Values are:

  • Integrity
  • Inclusiveness
  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency and
  • Responsiveness

The NCHRD-U institutional objectives are:

  1. To create an avenue for collective response to threats against HRDs
  2. To coordinate other civil society organizations in promoting safety and security of HRDs.
  3. To improve protection mechanisms, safety, and security of HRDs in Uganda individually and at organizational level.
  4. To advocate and raise public awareness and profiles of HRDs in the country.

1.2 Celebrating 10 years:

The NCHRD-U will be celebrating 10 years of existence and would like to document its journey from the day it was founded capturing stories and milestones in this important journey when its founder members began the dream to have an organization that speaks to issues that positively and negatively affects the work of human rights defenders.

1.3       Production of a documentary:

To this effect, the NCHRD-U wishes to hire the services of professional firm / individual with the requisite skills and knowledge of developing such similar documentaries and the experience of undertaking such assignments that speak to the journey of an organization from the day it was conceived by founder members to the present time. It entails capturing success stories and pictures of the time of the Coalition’s formation to present day from different stakeholders such as its membership all around the country and the Secretariat staff.


1.3       Terms of reference:

  1. Collect and analyze all the relevant literature and photos relating to formation and existence of NCHRD-U since 2013.
  2. Undertake interviews with founder members and sponsors during the formation of the NCHRD-U in 2012-2015.
  3. Undertake interviews with Coalition members situate in the different regions of the country to pick on their institutional memory from the period of founding the organization its growth trajectory until to date.
  4. Interview staff who have institutional memory regarding the kick starting of the organization to its present time.
  5. Interview different development partners that have contributed to the growth of the organization.
  6. Assemble all the above literature into a documentary that speaks to the journey of the Coalition since its formation (i.e the past, present and the future)


1.4       Expected delivery of first Draft within 20 working days from the date of signing the contract agreement.

1.5 Final product to be completed within five days after the first draft has been evaluated with any necessary amends.