Technical Thematic Working Group

The Technical Thematic Working Group is designated as the Advisory Board reporting to the Board of Directors of the National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders.It is chaired by the chairperson who presides over all Committee meetings. He/she is  deputized by a deputy duly elected to act on his/her behalf when the chairperson is not present. It generally comprises of the five regional representatives and the six different thematic representatives. These are; HRDs working in the fields of Oil & extractives industry, Women, Minorities, Journalists and Pastoralists..

The Technical Thematic Working Group has Six thematic representatives namely:

HRDs in Oil and Extractives
Women HRDs
Batwa and other Indigineous communities

The Technical Thematic Working Group also has five regional focal representatives:

Central region (2)

Western region

Eastern Region

Northern Region