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End of year of Message

Press Statement on Police Search at REACH A HAND UGANDA

Uganda: Journalism is not a crime: Stop subjecting Journalists to torture and cruel, in-human degrading treatment or punishment whilst they undertake their legitimate work. (Press Release)

Press Release January 2021 : Uganda: Urgent call to all electoral authorities (state and non-state actors) to ensure protection of Human Rights and Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) during polling days.

Press Release February 2021 : Uganda: The Human Rights Defenders operating landscape in the recently concluded 2021 Electoral cycle; Lows and Highs

Press Statement- Human Rights in peril as COVID-19 escalates in the face of 2021 general elections

Letter to ACHPR special procedures concerning the TRACKs case in Sudan

Letter to UN special procedure holders concerning TRACKs in Sudan

Press Statement on Court Proceedings at Makindye

Press Statement On The Raids & Seige Of Civil Society Organization Namely Action

Uganda-Government clamps down on fundamental rights and dismisses obligations under Rome statute

Uganda-International Women Human Rights Defenders Day 2016

Uganda-NCHRD-U condemns the continous unabated threats,abuse and physical attacks towards HRDs

Uganda-Police Authorities must conduct impartial and transparent investigations into extra-judicial killings of Human Rights Defenders in Ntoroko

Uganda-Respect freedoms, end worrying spate of intimidations, kidnaps and detentions

Uganda-Unconditionally drop all charges against 4 Defenders in Fort Portal,end reprisals


Women Human Rights Defenders Day 2017