Call for Expression of Interest: Development of a Customised Human Rights/Human Rights Defenders’ Violation Tracker

The National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders in Uganda (NCHRD-U) is a network organization that brings together individuals and civil society organizations that are involved in the protection and promotion of human in Uganda commonly known as human rights defenders (HRDs). There are about 148 registered organizations that form the coalition to date. The Coalition operates a multi-layered leadership and governance structure however the operations are run by a secretariat.  Our operations are centered on protecting and promoting the work of HRDs in safe and secure environment through linkages with national, regional and international like-minded entities. NCHRD-U’s core focus areas are;

  1. Advocacy and Networking
  2. Capacity Building
  3. Protection, safety and security management

The organization is guided by the following objectives;

  1. To create an avenue for collective response to threats against HRDs.
  2. To coordinate other civil society organizations in promoting safety and security of HRDs
  3. To improve protection mechanisms, safety and security of HRDs in Uganda individually and security of HRDs in Uganda individually and at organization level.
  4. To advocate and raise public awareness and profiles of HRDs in the country.

About the Consultancy Assignment

The NCHRD-U is seeking services of an individual consultant or organization to provide technical support in towards development of a Human Rights Defenders rights violation tracker customized for the 2021 electoral period.

The Aim of the Assignment

The overall aim is to enable NCHRD-U secretariat to develop a seamless web-enabled human rights violation tracking tool that supports timeliness in data collection and analysis for its programmatic interventions during the 2021 electoral cycle.


The proposed scope will cover the following;

  1. Generate an inception report that details proposed software development process/methodology
  2. Develop a vision scope document that specifies the different product development sprints
  3. Develop a Systems Specification Requirement document and User Specifications Document
  4. Develop a Human Rights Tracking Application that is Mobile and Desktop enabled that provides for real-time (or close to) reporting.
  5. Develop an appropriate dashboard that presents the data in a collated manner.
  6. Host the application in a secure environment that provides the minimum outage
  7. Provide technical support in the integration of the Human Rights Tracker in NCHRD-U’s programming
  8. Undertake user training for NCHRD-U staff and a selected number of users within the coalition structure.

Expected Key Outcomes:

  1. Development of the Human Rights Violations Tracker
  2. Application user manual
  3. Training Manual and orientation on the Human Rights Violations tracker.
  4. Continuous support for a period of three months towards updates to the tracker

NCHRD-U now invites individual consultants to submit Expressions of Interest to the Executive Director by email not later than Friday 4th December, 2020. Please submit the EOI in two parts i) Technical and ii) Financial

The successful consultant must possess the following;

  1. Technical experience to develop and support web applications
  2. Professional training with a minimum of a University degree in IT related discipline
  3. A minimum of two developed and deployed applications that are currently in use (share the links)
  4. A minimum of three years working experience in a related field
  5. A team of a minimum of two junior developers to support the development and deployment process.

Download Call for Expression of Interest to develop a Human Rights Defenders’Violations Tracker