COVID-19 Guidelines for Human Rights Defenders

SAFETY & SECURITY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS DURING COVID-19. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a serious global health crisis that has already caused several hundred thousand deaths worldwide and continues to be a threat to our health and livelihoods. This has led to organisations closing offices and working remotely from their homes.

Millions have been, and millions more will be, infected. Measures to contain the spread of the virus are vital, but they also bear potential for new risks. Public health aims can justify temporary restrictions to certain rights, including freedom of movement and freedom of peaceful assembly. Advice by medical authorities, including the World Health Organization (WHO), and government officials should be followed to protect the population, in particular those who are most at risk because of age, pre-existing conditions, or other factors.

DefendDefenders’ security guide and recommendations are set out to ensure well-being for human rights defenders (HRDs).

For more, please download these Security Guidelines from Defend Defenders.