Terms of Reference for Consultancy Services – Call for Proposals for Documentation of the UPR 3rd Cycle Journey


NCHRD-U, created in 2013 brings together over 149 individuals and organizations working to provide a unified voice and coordinated focusing on addressing the shared goal of the promotion of the protection of Human Rights Defenders (HRDs). A Human Rights Defender is an individual acting in his or her own capacity or under any Organization or in association with others, does acts or actions that contribute or lead to the protection and promotion of human rights in a peaceful manner.

The National Stakeholders’ Forum for the UPR that is hosted by the National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders generated a third cycle UPR road map for CSO participation in Uganda’s forthcoming UPR in January/February 2022.

1.About Uganda’s Universal Periodic Review

In 2016, Uganda underwent its 2nd cycle review wherein it accepted 143 recommendations, deferred 18 and rejected 65 which encompass various human rights and freedoms.  In January/February 2022, Uganda shall undertake its third cycle review before the UN Human Rights Council. The stakeholders’ reports are expected to be submitted to the UN-OHCR before or on the 15th July, 2021; while the State report is due on or before 21st October, 2021 all being tentative planned dates by the UN Human rights council. Uganda is expected to be reviewed along Togo, Syrian Arab Republic, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Iceland, Zimbabwe, Lithuania, Uganda, Timor-Leste, Republic of Moldova, Haiti, South Sudan all in the 40th session tentatively scheduled for January/February,2022.  The deadline for the addendum reports to the UN Human Rights Council working group is April/June 2022, again all tentatively.

Following the release of the aforementioned timeline for Uganda’s journey to the 3rd Cycle review, both the government of Uganda and the CSOs under the National Stakeholders’ Forum for the UPR have commenced preparations to ensure that there is effective participation of their respective constituencies. NCHRD-U is seeking the services of consultant(s) to document the UPR 3rd cycle journey getting people’s perception on how the process was and expectation. This will take the form of print, photography, and video/audio (documentary). The documentation will cover the various regions in Uganda targeting HRDs, state actors, development partners and consultants. The outputs from the documentary stories shall highlight the achievements registered by NCHRD-U in coordinating CSOs in preparing their respective thematic reports.

2.0 Objective of the assignment

The main objective of the assignment is to document the Universal periodic review 3rd cycle journey from its inception to the submission of the CSO shadow report to the United Nations. Particularly, interviews will be conducted with grounded human rights defenders in different regions, inter-ministerial committees, UPR consultants and development partners to get their feel of the process and their expectations from the review. The stories will be in print, photography, audio and video as told by the different stakeholders.

3.0 Methodology and Scope of Work

The Consultant is expected to select the most appropriate methodology in order to design and develop the documentary. It will only be made in English with subtitles and translations where local dialect was used. 

4.0 Expected Deliverables

The required outputs from this consultancy shall include but not limited to;

  1. An approved inception plan prior to the commencement of the assignment
  2. A 20-minute documentary
  3. A story composition photo folio edited and captioned
  4. 5-minute mini-documentaries for social media platforms including Facebook , Twitter, You tube and Instagram.

5.0 Duration of the Assignment

The assignment is expected to be carried out over a period of 14 working days

6.0 Budget 

The consultant should provide an indicative budget per day in Uganda Shillings.

7.0 Profile and Qualifications of the Consultant

The consultant will have the following competencies and skills:

  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in communication and documentation
  • Demonstrated experience of designing and developing documentaries
  • Good track record to deliver high quality outputs within agreed timeframe,
  • Excellent English language skills, both written and spoken.

8.0 Application Process

The consultant (s) should send the following information to info@hrdcoalition.ug by 4pm on the 29th September 2021 with Reference; Consultancy NO.05/2021. (Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted)

  • A brief proposal of no more than 2 page indicating how they will approach the task as outlined and including 2 references – at least 1 of which needs to be an organisation that work has been done for in the last 12 months.
  • At least 1 example of work completed in the last 12 months.
  • A budget for the consultancy which outlines an overall cost and a daily cost.
  • A brief profile/CV of the consultant(s) that will be responsible.