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Robert Kirenga

Robert Kirenga

Executive Director

The Executive Director heads the Coalition Secretariat and oversees the day to day running. He is responsible for developing and maintaining effective strategic relationships with key stakeholders such partner organisation, individual human rights defenders, like-minded regional partners and development partners. He is responsible for fostering effective teamwork between the Board and the Secretariat. He also develops and ensures the implementation of a public relations plan and strategy.

The Executive director participates with the board of directors in developing a vision and strategic plan to guide NCHRD-U, represents NCHRD-U within the human rights community to enhance the organisations profile. He also determines the staffing requirements for the organisation management and program delivery, engages in fundraising for the coalition. He provides support to the board of directors by preparing board agenda and supporting materials. In addition to the Chair of the Board, he acts as a spokesperson of NCHRD-U.

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